You can't expect what you don't inspect.

You can't expect what you don't inspect.

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Inspect Mobile, LLC
The Inspection Company of the Future in Mobile, Alabama

Inspect Mobile, LLC provides top-quality home inspection services to provide complete security and sure solutions to one of your biggest investments. We are founded on the principles of quality customer service, efficiencies in technology and reasonable prices. Trust the ASHI-Certified Inspector experts when it comes to your home!

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Our residential home inspection experts will diagnose any issues or deficiencies that can affect a home. We utilize the latest technology to discover underlying causes to avoid problems in the future. Your certified inspection team will help equip you with better knowledge of your property to provide you with the assurance you need to make an educated decision on any home you’re seeking to purchase.

You and your prospected home deserve to be protected in every area, including the roof. Our team ensures and verifies the contractor that worked on the home performed the work properly to assure the property is fortified.

Inspect Mobile, LLC is prepared to handle these evaluations. We offer fortified evaluations while the roof is being installed to achieve fortified designation and after the work is completed.

A sewer line inspection can often be overlooked. Unfortunately, it can lead to thousands of dollars being spent to replace or work on any issues that were not addressed in a home inspection. Ultimately, this will fall on the property owner. Our team covers all bases for you so you don’t have to. Our sewer line and pipe camera and video inspections provide you with the knowledge needed to resolve any current problems before purchasing a home avoiding issues down the road.

Mold can exist in parts of a home you’ve never seen or thought of before. Inspect Mobile, LLC tests for mold in the air of a home and on surfaces. We utilize a certified lab to evaluate mold samples from the home to ensure exact results. Avoid home and health issues that can arise when choosing our certified mold inspectors to establish every part of your prospected home is mold-free and in compliance with any industry regulations.

Just as harmful as mold, asbestos can affect the integrity of a home and the health of anyone who dwells inside. Especially in older homes where asbestos can be found in construction materials, it will require a knowledgeable inspector to identify the affected materials so they can be removed by a qualified contractor. We provide asbestos testing to guarantee any home is up to code and secured for move-in.

Commercial property inspections require essential attention to detail in examinations by qualified experts who know what to look out for. We’re able to provide a comprehensive, same-day report to establish if standards are met for your property’s building to continue or begin operations. From warehouse, to office space, or even apartments, our evaluations are designed to discover any underlying conditions that may arise or are currently happening to educate the property owner about its conditions.

We offer the following:

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