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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Inspections go through the major systems of a house.  It looks to make sure the roof doesn’t leak and the foundation isn’t cracked.  It is not intended to look for building code violations, but rather safety and longevity concerns with the house.  Things likely to be identified are potential for mold or asbestos, water heater and furnace, the building envelope, as well as foundation and structure.

Building inspections typically take place after a house is under contract and before closing. Alternately, you can have an annual inspection or an inspection after major storms to check for developing issues.

You can expect a friendly, knowledgeable inspector to arrive on-time and ready for you. Your inspection will take about 2 hours depending on size and scale. Your detailed, professional report will be emailed to you the same day as the inspection. After the inspection, you are welcome to call with any follow-up questions you may have.

YES! I hate to say it, but these days that can be the most important time for an inspection. I purchased a new house myself but even my home inspector failed to report on basic issues and flaws with the house. As builders try to cut corners and save every nickel, let me check up on them so you can rest assured at night that you aren’t buying a pile of sticks. Trust me, I now know exactly what to look for when it comes to new construction!

Most contractors know what a good house looks like, but many handymen are unsure when it comes to the whole structure of the house. Let a certified home inspector identify the issues, then have your friend assist you correcting them.

If you know your house has issues and you want to do the right thing, then yes, have your house inspected and develop a plan to remedy any issues from that inspection. Be sure to document everything and offer that to your buyers. If the house you are looking to buy has already been inspected, go ahead and consider purchasing your own inspection because the inspector works for you and is looking out for your interests when you hire him.

We completed a pre-licensing course for home inspection from the InterNational Association of Home Inspectors. After licensing we have maintained sufficient continuing education courses in all aspects of the home. We also passed the licensing exam and code of ethics exam.

Remember, You can't expect what you don't Inspect - so call Inspect Mobile, LLC.