Why Inspect Mobile?

Why Inspect Mobile?

Why Choose Us?

Inspect Mobile, LLC was founded on the principles of quality customer service, efficiencies in technology and reasonable prices.


State of Alabama # HI-3074
City of Mobile # 94627

Customer Service

We answer your phone calls whether it is to book your inspection or to answer your questions after the inspection is completed.  We don’t talk down to you! Not everyone is fluent in all the right construction terminology so we can down-play the lingo to help you understand. We show up early to the house to greet you and explain the process. And we make sure that you get your report the same day, often in just a few hours.

Efficient Technology

We use technology to assist the inspection process. By using an in-depth application on an iPad, we can expedite the process with integrated photographs and customized menus. Our tools also facilitate a quality inspection. Among those tools are a moisture meter to detect water leaks in walls or framing, a boroscope that can look inside confined spaces, gas leak detector for around your gas appliances and an infrared thermometer to evaluate temperatures accurately. Email appointment confirmations and digital delivery of report and agreements.

Reasonable Pricing

Of course, price plays a key role in the hiring process. Our prices are highly competitive with other inspectors in town–just call around. But remember it is more than just the price that matters, it comes down to what you get for the money. We give you a professional report the same day with photographs, narrative explanations of issues, and suggestions on how to fix errors. Your personal report arrives via email often within 2 hours. Just ask the competition when they can deliver the report.

Remember, You can't expect what you don't Inspect - so call Inspect Mobile, LLC.