State of Alabama # HI-3074
City of Mobile # 94627

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One tool we enjoy using is our DRONE. Yes, this quad-copter is a tool. It can fly above most roof surfaces to take high-quality photos when other means of access are limited. Check out some videos from our drone on YouTube.

Crawl Space Rover

Sometimes the area under the house is too small for a human to enter for inspection. For times like this, we have a rover to send in. Equipped with four-wheel drive, HD camera, and LED lights, this 6-inch tall crawler can fit with ease.

Infrared Inspections

As a Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT), Inspect Mobile, LLC is qualified to use an infrared camera to look for thermal differences in structures. Thermal images are taken with a special camera designed to read surface temperatures of materials. This aids the inspector in finding moisture, energy loss and potential fire hazards.

Remember, You can't expect what you don't Inspect - so call Inspect Mobile, LLC.