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Home Inspections for Sellers

Home Inspections for Sellers

Prepare Your House For a Professional Look-See

This program is designed to give power back to the home seller. It combines the home inspection with marketing tools to give your house an advantage over other homes for sale.

Did you know over 80% of home buyers have the home inspected? By being the seller and getting your home inspected before listing, you now control or eliminate a second round of negotiations that was typically controlled by the buyer. So if you know the buyer will get an inspection which could turn up any number of issues that will cost you time and money, why not handle those issues on the front end before you are under contract?

Let’s say your home has a bad GFCI receptacle. If you don’t know it is bad you have no duty to disclose it to the buyer. The buyer hires a home inspector who will discover the faulty outlet and require a licensed electrician repair the outlet. Something that could take just a few minutes of time from a handyman is now costing over $100 because the bank and inspector want a licensed electrician. It is getting fixed whether the seller hired the home inspector and made the repair himself, or if the buyer hires a home inspector and makes the seller pay top dollar for the repair.

On the other side, let’s say your roof is getting older. If you do not have a pre-listing inspection, the buyer could be scared, want a whole new roof, or thousands of dollars off the sales price. But if you already know the condition of the roof you can be upfront about it, disclose it to the buyer and say the home asking price already reflects the older roof and it is not a negotiating point.

A pre-listing inspection can also help market the home in multiple ways.

Plus, you as the home seller can get some money back. That’s right, you are selling the copies of the report online. Each report is for sale to the prospective home buyers and the money goes to the homeowner.

Also, this amazing platform can help real estate agents. With the option to sign up, the agent can receive smoking hot leads of real people in the area interested in buying homes. Only the listing agent who is signed up will receive the leads, no other agent.

No agent is required on the listing to use this program. It is great for sellers with an agent as well as those going for sale by owner.

Now don’t let the buyer have all the advantages in your home sale. Take control of the inspection process.